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Our Story

Dr. Kurien ushered in ‘White Revolution’ in India with ‘Operation Flood’, the largest project for dairy development in the world. As a direct result, India became self sufficient and global leader in milk production and dairy farmers the architects in their own development.
This revolution led to an increase in milk production many fold which led to the co-operatives declaring milk holidays around Pune. This adversity was circumvented by Mr. Devendra Shah (our Founder & Chairman) by helping farmers by collecting their milk on such milk holidays. And thus was born Parag Milk Foods Ltd.

Parag Milk Foods Ltd, founded in 1992, is one of India’s elite private sector dairy company, with a diverse portfolio in over 15 consumer centric product categories. We pride ourselves for providing the best global source of expertise and scientific knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality cow’s milk and milk products, to offer consumers nutrition, health and well-being.

We aim to identify, elaborate and disseminate best practices at all our infrastructures, a dairy farms set on global standards, a modern fully automated cheese plant with state of the art technology, a ghee plant with traditional way of making ghee like made at home and an UHT milk processing plant using the best equipment from one of the leading plant equipment manufacture.

We manufacture products of truly international quality under internationally famous brand names such as Gowardhan, Go, Topp Up & Pride of Cows. Our Its product portfolio includes ghee,fresh milk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, an array of processed and natural cheese, cheese spreads, butter, dahi, dairy whitener and gulab jamun mix under the brand names of ‘Gowardhan’ and ‘Go’ ,all made from 100% fresh cow milk. Pride of Cows is a brand of fresh farm- to -home milk and Topp Up, a flavoured milk in many a variants.

Parag Brand Pillars

Our Vision

We strive to optimize the potential of milk across a host of exciting dairy products to fill each day with imaginative and healthy options for our consumers. We believe that milk in all its wonderful forms is one of nature’s most nutritious foods and anyone who consumes milk products daily, benefits from vital nutrients that the body needs. Fulfilling dietary nutritional requirements is a source of great joy and creativity for us.

A bigger company also has larger responsibilities. While India is the largest producer of milk in the world, and the commodity has become an important source of income for 70m rural households, the output per animal is dismal. A key area of focus for us is to help farmers and milk producers to boost animal productivity. The enhanced participation and involvement of the private sector is key to further agricultural marketing practices and to make milk and its derivatives more accessible and affordable to India. In this regard, we deploy state- of- the- art technology to enhance productivity.

We also seek to drive innovation in milk and milk products through our well-diversified portfolio of brands that deliver dairy products to international standards of quality. To add value to people’s lives every day. We at Parag live and breathe our corporate slogan of ’Ideas for a new day’.

Our Vision

Our Consumers 
Should be able to trust our brands. This is why food quality is a fundamental requirement for Parag. We make every effort to ensure that our processes are safe, and that high quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.
Dairy innovation 
Focus on dairy innovation, enables us to produce an array of products that make milk moments nutritious, healthy, and enjoyable and we market them under well targeted portfolio of brands.
Partnership with the dairy farmers 
We are working with dairy farmers to enrich their lives, and set new standards for sustainable dairy production. We want to use our resources in a sustainable manner. By having a long term environmental strategy we can help make this happen.
Good citizenship 
We want to influence the development of society and set an example through our best practices. To make quality milk and world class dairy products accessible to the masses. As a large private sector dairy player, we have the opportunity to do so.
Building long-term relationship with local communities 
We strive to uphold respectful and constructive community relations, and contribute to the development of communities by building long-term relationships with people, businesses and organisations.

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